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Check out all the misc. updates I've been working on the last few days. My favorite of which are the new sketch styled Halloween brushes! I'm debating about revamping the site and make it more about brushes versus other resources. It seems like I enjoy making the brushes more than anything else. But I don't want to limit the site either. I also have my blog site running which I'm trying to update as well. Maybe the brushes will move over there. Hmmmm. 😆

What should I add next?
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Help me figure out what updates to work on next by voting in the poll! OR, if you have suggestions/requests of your own, please feel free to ask in the CBOX!!


Updates: PNG CutoutsPatterns, BackgroundsBrushes, WordPress Layouts, Background PSDs, Gradient Packs, Layouts & Stylesheets, PS Text Styles