Back to school!

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I'm officially enrolled in my first college class since 2011! I'm really excited to finish up my web design certificate and continue my education with Nutrition instead of Graphic Design. As much as I love doing web/graphic design stuff for my hobby, I can't stand the idea of doing it as my profession. Especially since every time I've worked for a 'customer' I've hated their ideas, but alas, they were the customer and I had to do what they said.


Plus, I'm far more interested in Nutrition and helping to teach others about. Whatever job I get with that degree is bound to be more stable than a self-employed Graphic Design job.

SO wish me luck, and don't expect a ton of updates once I'm in full swing! I'll try to do a few here and there, but I imagine I'll be swamped with homework. For now though, I'm only taking on online class, so I will *hopefully* have enough free time to do whatever I want.

Speaking of updates, I recently did an open revamp and fixed all the NUMEROUS broken download links that I found. After I forgot to re-register my domain it kind of messed up my site's flow. I also nixed a download manager plugin I was trying to use that counted the number of downloads, but it really screwed up my links. Everything should be in order now, but if anyone notices anything please let me know so I can fix it!

I've added a snazzy new brush set this week. I don't know why it never crossed my mind before, but it came to me yesterday that I could create a shaped brush into a bokeh style brush. So I made a cute little heart bokeh brush and packed it with a couple other brushes. You can find that here.


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