Books, Dogs…

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I haven't been updating much lately. I probably should, because if I don't my Photoshop and coding skills get rusty. I've been rather distracted lately though. I finally renewed my library card so I've been reading books like a mad man.


I finished "Gone Girl' about a month ago, can't wait to see the movie for that one. Now I'm reading Stephen King's " Bag of Bones." It's pretty good so far, although after reading multiple Stephen King books I'm getting tired of his style of writing. I also read another Dean Koontz book, "Odd Thomas." I wanted to read the series, but I swear someone else is trying to read it at the same time as me because every time I go in to check the next book out somebody else already has and I have to either wait, or download it for my kindle. Anyone reading anything new and interesting lately? Let me know in the comments! I need something different to read after this one. 😉

Everybody look at pictures of my dog. 😆

He fell asleep on the corn after our trip out.


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  1. i can see why you haven't been around, you are consumed in books! lol! i don't read as much as i should, right now i am reading Seriously, I'm kidding by Ellen Degenerous.

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