Soap Cutting Day!

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Today's the day I cut my soap! I'm a little disappointed because I didn't put enough of the cucumber melon scent oil that I'd bought. I'll just have to make another batch and try it again. 🙁  I'm such a goof! Ugh. It kind of has a play-dough ish smell to it, and some bars have a hint of cucumber melon, but not enough for the untrained nose to detect. 😆

Here's some pictures of it, like I mentioned in my last blog entry about this batch, I had to dump out my cool design in order to put the scent in (and since I didn't want to completely destroy the colors and design I'd done I didn't mix the scent in well enough.) /sigh.

So you can sort of see I was going for a green and orange color scheme to match with the cucumber melon scent, the design is a little mixed together but there is still some definition in the pattern.

I got 9 regular bars and 2 little cupcake sized bars out of this batch. I'll have to start tracking how much a batch costs me so I know how much to sell them for!

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