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Note: Inactive affiliates (aka those who are not replying or coming to visit my site) & those whom don't have me linked in sidebar will be linked on this page only.

Apply for Affiliation

If you want to be linked on the footer, you must link me on every page!


AFFILIATION SUSPENSION: (Last Sweep = March 23rd, 2016)
If you don't see your link listed above, but we are/were affiliates, it's probably because of one of the reasons below:

  1. You've removed my link
  2. You did not respond to the affie sweep
  3. Your site is missing and/or broken for over a week
  4. I couldn't find where I was linked

If you would like to stay affiliates with please fix the problem, and contact me via the CBOX or my contact form and you will be reinstated.