Fake Trees?

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Every Christmas I've bought a tree from a random lot somewhere in town, or chopped one down at my aunt's house, but this year I'm tired of attempting to strap down a bulky, unruly tree to the top of my little Malibu car. 😆

So, I've decided I want to buy a fake tree. Whether or not this is a good idea, I have no clue. I've never had one before, but it seems legit enough for me. 😆 I won't have to clean up a mess afterwards, or struggle to get the damn thing to sit straight in the tree stand (that one is particularly difficult every year!) And I won't have to string lights through it because it's *pre-lit*. I'm really digging all the pros involved. The only con I see is it doesn't have that fresh pine tree smell, but honestly, I could do without it. My favorite part is the lights/decorations anyways. So who needs a smell? I'll just get some pine tree scented wax melts or something! lol

So, unless something/someone convinces me otherwise before now and Saturday, I'll be going down to the craft store and buying a fake tree! Hopefully they're not too expensive. I'm really excited to decorate a tree already. My boyfriend even made me some TMNT ornaments to hang!


Has anyone else ever tried a fake tree? Do you like it?

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