New iMac

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It's been an exciting weekend for me πŸ˜† I got my taxes back and it was JUST enough to order a new computer. I've desperately been needing to upgrade to something bigger for a long time.




I've been working on the same HP laptop since I graduated high school back in 2006! Luckily I kept it in great shape and it's been a tough cookie, but the screen made me feel claustrophobic while I was working in Photoshop and especially Adobe Illustrator. πŸ˜† So, I decided it was definitely time to upgrade, but I didn't want to buy another PC. Back when I was working on my graphic design degree we only ever used iMacs in the labs and I really fell in love with them.

I ended up picking the iMac with a 21.5in screen, perfect for doing all my design work. I'm really enjoying it so far. The graphics are so clear and crisp, a million times better than my ancient laptop, lol. The only odd thing about it, is that I figured it would have a disc drive, but it doesn't. ❓ Everything has to be downloaded via drivers, which is actually kind of frustrating because I can't put DVDs or CDs in. Oh well.

Here's a picture off to the right, I've named her Penelope. haha. It just seemed to fit. πŸ˜›

I've had this whole weekend to mess around and get used to the differences. I'm catching on quickly though. πŸ˜€ I'll be adding random updates through out the site just to test my skills.

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