New Obsession?

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Felt like writing a random blog since I had nothing better to do. 😛 Recently I pulled out my old HP mini laptop and attempted to clean it up for school use. The poor thing has sat in my closet collecting dust for a couple years now.

328364-apple-macbook-air-11-inch-mid-2013It was a bit slow, but I figured if I deleted a few programs that I was obviously not using anyways then I could do some homework on it. Would've been rather useful since I'm taking an online class this term, and probably more of them in the future. BUT, while being all so-called "Computer Savvy" and deleting unused programs I accidentally destroyed the operating system. 😳 I was kinda sad. Not too sad, considering I wasn't using the laptop anyways, but sad enough that it got me thinking about replacing it. I've absolutely fallen in love with my iMac, so I was thinking about adding to my Apple family and purchasing a Macbook Air with my taxes. They're so cute, and super lightweight. It'd be easy to carry it around to my classes.


Anyone else have one? What's your opinion?

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