No-No’s in web design

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Sometimes it's hard to control all the creative juices you've got flowing out at rapid fire into your new website layout and/or graphics. And, yes it's fantastic that you have those creative ideas to make your website stand out from the rest. But, how do you know when you've gone over board?


sitetipsThere's a fine line between what looks good, and what's taking away from your site's content (which is the real reason why we're bring visitors in, right?) So, here's some tips on what NOT to do while designing your site.

  1. Text Size - You want your visitor to be able to read your site. So keep the text at a decent size. Let's say, around 10-14px. Or, you can get really visitor friendly and use 'em's which is a text property that let's your visitor re-size the text to their specifications.
  2. TeXt LyKe Diz - If you're trying to have a quality website, please refrain from typing LyKe DiZ oN Yo SyTe. It's hard to read, it's not even legitimate English and it really "dumbs down" your site.
  3. Colors - Adding colors is a great way to make your site pop. But too much color, or used incorrectly just takes away from it. Don't use bright, iridescent colors as backgrounds or content background colors. Large images with obnoxiously bright color just hurts your eyes. And who wants to hang out and browse a site that's slowly making them go blind?  Use soft, pastel colors for backgrounds. Try to keep things light weight. Nothing too heavy. Use your brighter & bolder colors to highlight small pieces, like a hover on a link; Or accent spots in your header.
  4. Flashing Graphics - These are a real hit or miss. Sometimes you can pull of a little flashing graphic in the corner, but most of the time. Yes, MOST OF THE TIME. Having a graphic flashing in your visitors face is obnoxious and generally tacky. Try to stay away from bright, flashy images.
  5. Marquees - These are usually pretty popular with new web designers. "HEY WOW, WE CAN MAKE THINGS MOVE." Yes, it's really neat. But, it's not going to make your site look stunning if you've got a million different lines of text going in all different directions and some images scrolling this way and that. If you're going to use a marquee, keep it simple. Maybe display some affiliate buttons in your sidebar, change the speed so it's not flying by; You've got to give your visitor a chance to see what's scrolling by them, and perhaps click on it.
  6. Keep It Simple - Try to keep your pages clean, tidy and as simple as possible. Don't add too many different aspects to a single page. Split things up. Clearly define your sections with headers that don't disappear into your content. Use unordered, or ordered lists to clean up items. Keep a nice flow going through your content, unless you're blogging you don't want to have chunky paragraphs-- Chances are your visitors are going to ignore anything that's over a couple sentences long. If you do have to have large paragraphs (Like this post for example.) Use bold, italic or underlined bullet headers like I've done to catch your visitors eye. Usually they will scan the page and see if there's anything they want to read.

That's all for now. Hopefully you'll take something away with you to make the WWW a little nicer. 🙂

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