Nominated Again: Liebster Blog Award

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Tori-Renee from has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. Read on to see my answers to her questions:



The Questions:
1. What is one thing that no one probably knows about you?
- Thats a really difficult one, because I'm so open; lol.. But, I'd say no one really knows that I have a secret blog where I vent about my life.
2. What is your favorite color?
- My favorite color is Grey.
3. Who was your longest relationship with and how long did it last?
- His name was Chris, it lasted about a year and couple months.
4. What is your favorite outfit?
- Black leggings, pink top under a black and white blouse and my converse.
5. What singer do you currently have a major crush on?
- I don't have any crushes on singers. In fact, I don't really have crushes on celebs at all. 😆
6. What type of computer do you use for your web design, and graphic design.
- I actually just purchased my first desktop computer. It's a 21.5in iMac. I love it.
7. All time favorite song and Why?
- I don't think I could name an all time favorite. But currently I can't stop listening to "Black Horse" by Katy Perry. It gets you up and moving.
8. Who lives in your house?
- I live with my younger sister and another girl whom we found on craigslist. 😆 Seems sketch, but she actually turned out to be a perfect match.
9. Favorite t.v. show as a child
- The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh; I actually just downloaded all the old episodes so I could watch them on my iMac. Haha
10. Nick names that you are called.
- Donley, DK, Donley K, Keeli, KK, Smooth Criminal.
11. What is your greatest fear.
- Losing a family member. I'm incredibly attached to my family.

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