Oatmeal Honey Soap =)

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Hey Guys! Just got done with my very first batch of Hot Process soap! It was so fun! I really wanted to try out the crock pot I bought off craigslist (for $2.00!) and I really wanted to try doing my very own recipe. 🙂

Oatmeal Honey Soap

Oatmeal Honey Soap

I put it through the new app I have on my phone called "SoapCalc" which tells me exactly how much lye water to use, and what my recipe will produce as far as soap quality.  I used Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil. And wow, did it turn out great ❗


The great thing about this soap, was I used all my left over oils, and it's only scented with the raw honey and oatmeal! So it was super cheap to make, and it's all natural! This should be great for my sister (and my) skin, since it's free of any harsh chemicals and it's very gentle. The oils I used are great for dry skin too. I think I'm either going to start a new website up eventually or just start an etsy shop to start selling my soaps online! Tomorrow I'm going to make a batch of Noble Estate Wine soap that can be sold up at the winery. 😀


I took a few pictures of the process for you guys. The first one is right after I poured the lye solution into my mixture of oils, and started mixing it a little with my stick blender. As it cooks it starts looking like mashed potatoes and when it's ready it looks like Vaseline.


After it finished cooking, I added some raw Oatmeal that I'd put through a couple spins in my blender so they weren't huge chunks of oats, then added a couple spoons of raw, organic local honey. Next I just scooped the lovely mixture into my (amazing, LOL) homemade molds made out of an old Pringles Chip can and a orange juice carton! I haven't gotten around to buying any silicone molds, but right now it seems like my homemade molds are doing just great so I almost don't see a point in getting a silicone one. Although, for my wine soap it'd be great if I could find a wine bottle shaped mold. 😀

I let it sit and cool for about an hour and a half (part of the time in my fridge because I'm impatient. :lol) and then I cut it! Each bar weighs around 2.5 oz - 3.1 oz! I'll probably sell them each for $3.00 - $4.00, haven't really done the math to get my exact price yet. 😆


I was so surprised at how great it turned out since this was only my fourth official batch of soap and the first recipe that I made up 100% myself. The other batches I used recipes I'd found on Youtube.

Look how great it lathers!

Super sudsy bar!

Super sudsy bar!

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