Puppies in scarves

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I've been updating like crazy the last few days, but it's being forcefully slowed down due to the fact that I can't get my WordPress Dashboard to load correctly. It's being hella slow. 🙁 I'm not totally sure what the deal is. If you guys are having trouble loading my site, please let me know! Not sure if it's just me or not.

itsmaddyI also wanted to share a picture of my puppy! His name is Maddux. Come April 1st he'll be two years old already. Time is flying by. Anyways, Maddux is a toy Australian Shepherd! This is as big as he'll get 😉


I've added all kinds of stuff, patterns, brushes, HTML/PHP layouts, backgrounds, Winter Resources, Photoshop tutorials, sketch portraits & PNG cutouts.

I'm planning on making more Photoshop tutorials as soon as I come up with some ideas. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




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