PS Text Styles

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Photoshop Text Styles! These are my newest obsession.. It's not quite Eye Candy or Artistic Effects quality, (or as efficient) but when you don't have $100+ to drop on a PS plugin, I find these can get the job done just fine.

  1. TO USE: Click the download button to get the folder with the PSD image.
  2. Open this in PS.
  3. Make sure your "styles" window is up by going to Window > Styles
  4. Double click on the 'fx' button to the right of your layer's name in the Layer panel.
  5. Click "New Style" on the right side of the effects window that pops open.
  6. Name the style, and click OK.
  7. Type up some text in a new document, click on the saved style in the Styles window, and it should stylize your text! (Or anything in the layer you're clicked on.)

Any questions, please comment below!