Soap Batch #3: Oceanic

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So this is my third batch of soap so far. I've done a few things different with this batch just to test theories and see what method I like best.

  1. (Doing a Cold Process/Oven Process) - Turned the oven off earlier, by half an hour. Didn't worry about opening the oven door this time, because it doesn't really seem to matter much.
  2. Added a lot more scent and colorant
  3. Brought my oils up to a higher temperature before adding my lye water solution.

So far, it appears as though the experimental changes I made haven't effected the batch very much. My scent is a little more present, but still not what I would like it to be. I think it may just be that I need a better quality fragrance, so I'm thinking about buying some from Essential Depot! There are so many awesome options on that site. 😯

Here's what it looks like:


My next batch I'm incredibly  excited about, because I found a $2 crock pot on craigslist, and I'm going to try a full Hot Process with it. I'm thinking, oatmeal honey soap?? :idea::cool:

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