Soap Making Day!

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So despite feeling kinda sick (on my first day off! Figures! :roll:) I still got around to doing the things I wanted to! My biggest "to-do item" today was making a batch of soap with my new Cucumber Melon scent! I was so excited to use it-- and then I almost forgot to put it in!! 😯

Kind of messed up the cool design I'd poured into my mold because I had to dump it out and mix in the scent. HOPEFULLY the colors didn't mix together entirely. 🙁 I'll post pictures when I go to cut it tomorrow. Can't wait to see it!

I've been working a lot on fixing this theme. There were a few things I thought looked funny (I'm my biggest critic, I'm sure..) and I also learned a new trick with fixed menus. I'll try to make a tutorial about it, that is, if I can figure out a simple way to explain the mess of code I made. 😆

I've put up some new pages, check 'em out! Request a Halloween Sig!

Updates: Color Schemes, Halloween Signatures, Custom Requests

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