Status Update & such..

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Hey everyone. It's been awhile since I've logged into my site, and did updates. I've had a pretty interesting couple months.


Due to an unfortunate event where I had to deal with a COMPLETE idiot, I've quit my unofficial "freelance" web design job for the winery. It's sad to see that job go, but having that job wasn't worth dealing with the jerk who ran it. So now I'm back to being a lone web design wolf. I've also been seriously considering signing up to sell my soap and various crafts at our local Saturday Market. I'd absolutely love to get in on that. *Sticks on 'to do' list*

As far as this site goes, I was able to make a small addition tonight, mostly because I was sick of using my Easter themed desktop wallpaper, so I made a new one.. Figured I might as well upload it for you guys to use as well. You can find that here... > Wallpapers <

I've started selling WordPress layouts on Ebay, or attempting to. So I may not update as often as I used to. Take it or leave it. ;P

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